Roseman Labs

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Solving Global Challenges By Protecting Data Privacy.

Headquartered in: Utrecht, Netherlands
Founded in: 2020
Sector: Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Multi-Party Computation, Cybersecurity

Founded in 2020, Roseman Labs’ mission is to protect privacy and empower collaboration on sensitive data to tackle global challenges. The need for secure data sharing is greater than ever and the economic value of data collaboration is estimated in the trillions globally. Roseman Labs is regarded as a pioneer in this domain, serving clients in the private and public sector – in industries such as healthcare, the social domain, justice and security, financial services and the energy sector.

Roseman Labs develops Multi-Party Computation (MPC) software that is both high-end as well as pragmatic and easy to implement. Roseman Labs’ secure collaboration software enables parties to link and analyze data sources without having access to each other’s underlying data.