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Our Portfolio

We are focused on solutions that shape the future of industrial value creation. As sector agnostic investors, we are looking for ground-breaking software and hardware solutions – from materials to components to systems to software. We support our portfolio companies with a genuine interest in their products, deep market knowledge, strong industry connections, and unparalleled investment experience in the sector.

Our portfolio
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Our team

Our investment experience in the Industrial Technologies space is unmatched. We’ve been investors in this sector for two decades, transfer learnings from previous successes, enjoy working intensively with founders and bring full dedication to the board rooms. Our academic training and hands-on practical industry experience help us to deeply understand technologies and to open relevant doors. We lead with conviction and compassion, helping our portfolio companies to navigate difficult waters.

Our team

Transforming industries.

Our approach

Industrial technologies are not always visible in our day-to-day lives. Yet, we believe they pose the most exciting investment area because of their massive impact on our entire planet. Industrial products have advanced humankind but at the same time pose a challenge to the environment and our societies. Industrial value chains need to become more efficient, less polluting, more intelligent and more resilient – in the truest sense of the word, more sustainable. Only a multitude of new technologies combining software and hardware will make this possible.

Our approach

In it for the long run.

Industrial Technologies

Industrial Technologies are hard – we know. Our investments capitalize on decades of research and commercialize breakthrough technologies. We understand that it takes time and patience to develop those technologies, prove product maturity and achieve broad market acceptance. But it’s worth the effort – what we do matters! Our portfolio companies have significant impact – strengthening European technology sovereignty, making industries more sustainable and advancing industrial employment.