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Investment areas
Industrial value chains are multifaceted. A wide array of new technologies combining software and hardware will ensure that those value chains become more efficient, less polluting, more intelligent and more resilient. Let’s explore how the technologies impact core business processes every day, both in specific parts and across the entire value chain. Welcome to a day in the life of our portfolio.
Research & Development
Understanding and using data, machine-learning and AI-based algorithms, and advances in quantum technologies, allow companies to simulate and develop new materials as well as significantly improve co-development and creation of processes, products and designs.
Supply Chain Management
Today’s complex multi-stage production processes rely on flawless, digitized supply chain logistics. As intermediate products are shuttled between production facilities by various modes of transportation, goods need to be trackable to ensure efficient production. Data doesn’t just help to track goods but is also needed to monitor infrastructure to safeguard value creating processes.
Production processes are under pressure: they need to be adaptable, resource efficient, worker friendly, smart and transparent, as well as real-time connected. These diverse requirements demand automated, connected and resourceful manufacturing approaches. Robots, additive manufacturing, and cloud-based data management are leveraging the production of the future.
After Sales & Services
In a fast-changing environment, physical equipment for production and value-creating processes needs to be as modular, intelligent and upgradeable as possible to adapt to changes. Data-driven insights into how tools and systems are being used empowers better after sales services and recurring revenues. Making sense of data in a fast and intuitive way is a core driver for no-code, high performant software platforms.