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We invest technology-agnostic, full stack and support our companies in recruiting, strategy development, customer and partner introductions and by simply being good listeners and reliable board members. Our companies have a substantial impact on Europe’s tech sovereignty, carbon neutrality, and the future of industrial value generation.

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Industrial Technologies


Industrial production is one of the main drivers for Europe’s prosperity, amounting to a value of around 5,000 billion Euro or around 20% of GDP. Technology companies benefit from a strong industrial network in Europe with many globally leading industrial corporates, a talent-pool from outstanding universities, research institutes committed to ground-breaking research and a highly skilled workforce, driven to make an impact and difference.

Europe has decided to drive a clear agenda for resource efficiency, ambitious climate change goals and a commitment to tech sovereignty. And while in the past European innovation was often driven from within the organizations of large incumbents or transferred from research directly towards those incumbents, the entire industrial ecosystem in Europe is now embracing “open innovation” and the acceleration of innovation cycles in small and agile technology startups.

Long-term value creation


A constellation for success

To support the Industrial Technologies ecosystem, we’re working closely together with industry players as potential partners and customers for our portfolio companies, universities and research institutes as a source of expertise and spin-outs, and fellow co-investors to create the winning constellation for a company. Our strong networks help to open doors and create exciting opportunities.

The Matterwave team earned significant academic and professional experience before moving into investment roles, helping us to provide strategic guidance and input to technological roadmaps. We are highly approachable discussion partners to our founders and management teams, determined to challenge, help, motivate and make a difference.


Long-term investment in you

Because of our unique experience and position in the market, we understand the timelines in leading edge R&D processes, the set-up of industrial supply chains, the ramp-up of serial production, certification, quality control, world-wide installation and maintenance. As we do our first investments at an early stage, we keep substantial capital reserves for follow-on financing rounds and are committed to long term partnerships. We have had the opportunity to witness and accompany many entrepreneurial journeys from early days all the way to large successes. Success can include an IPO and a future as a publicly listed company, a trade sale to a global champion that offers more scale for further product development and distribution or a hand over to larger financial investors. With an ever more improving environment for follow-on financing, we’re excited to collaborate with  later-stage  investors to build global champions and contribute to a thriving European Industrial Technologies ecosystem.