Visplore closes €2 million financing round for more transparency in Industry 4.0

The Vienna-based software startup Visplore successfully raised two million euros in fresh funding at the end of March to bring more transparency to industrial and energy processes based on big sensor data. The rapidly growing customer base from segments such as paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive supply, mechanical engineering, and power generation convinced renowned investors, including Carsten Maschmeyer with seed + speed Ventures, Basinghall Partners, Matterwave Ventures, as well as the Austrian aws Gründerfonds.

Visplore solves the challenges of high energy prices and the shortage of digital skills by efficiently integrating subject-matter experts without data science background into digital value creation from data. With a team of currently 20 heads, the technology experts are pioneers in software tools to intuitively analyze and interactively visualize large sensor data, for example for process optimization and root-cause analysis of faults.

With the boost by the financing round, Visplore is expanding their solution towards opening and fusing “data silos” in industrial companies more easily than ever before. “As a practical hurdle in data projects, many industrial companies complain that essential information is spread across a wide variety of sources. Files, ERP systems, databases and external interfaces: very often, merging and preparing the data represents such a huge effort that projects are delayed or not even started”, reports CTO and co-founder Thomas Mühlbacher from his experience.

With Visplore, subject-matter experts such as process engineers can now combine and analyze measurement and planning data from files and databases within minutes without a single line of programming and without a costly data warehouse. These capabilities will be demonstrated for the first time at the Hannover Messe. “We are convinced from our experience with our industry network that the value of data grows exponentially when combined with other data”, says Konstantin von Braunschweig of Basinghall Partners, underlining the current strategy and looking forward to working with their new portfolio company.

Investor Carsten Maschmeyer explains, “With Visplore’s smart software solution, complex data sets can be analyzed quickly and without deep expertise. It’s amazing to see how, with just a few clicks and the right visualization, new insights are gained that would otherwise keep entire teams busy for weeks.”

“Together with our existing investor Matterwave Ventures, who was also involved in the round, we are very happy about the additional strategic input and the extended network of the new investors”, says CEO and founder Harald Piringer.

Finally, Markus Jandrinitsch from aws Gründerfonds adds “We see our investment in Visplore as a contribution to more energy efficiency in industrial processes. By relieving employees of tedious data preparation, it also leaves more time for gaining actual benefits from data, allowing companies to achieve more with their existing teams.”