Dr. Christian Reitberger


Dr. Christian Reitberger is a Founding Partner at Matterwave Ventures. Before Matterwave, he was one of the partners in the btov Industrial Technologies team. Previously, he served as Partner at Wellington Partners and at Apax Partners. He has focused his last 23 years as an investor on the electronics, photonics and quantum technologies domain; in resource efficiency technologies; and in industrial AI and robotics. He started his career at McKinsey, advising companies in the telecommunications, electronics, digital media and medtech sectors and was a founding member of the firm’s private equity practice. Christian holds a doctorate in physics obtained sub auspiciis praesidentis from the University of Vienna, has published five peer-reviewed scientific publications and worked at the CERN research laboratory. He serves on the boards of Codasip, equal1, LiveEO, Innatera, HQS, Effect Photonics, Electrochaea, BigRep, micropsi Industries,Orcan Energy and as an observer at NVision.