Matterwave Ventures invests in Optimuse’s €1.1 million pre-seed round

We are thrilled to announce our second Matterwave Industrial Technologies II investment in the Austrian proptech start-up Optimuse. Together with aws Gründungsfonds, a leading venture capital fund in Austria, a total of EUR 1.1 million will be invested to expand the sales team and further develop the product.

Founded in 2021, Optimuse has developed an innovative software that enables owners of real estate portfolios to obtain a quick and uncomplicated overview of the energy status of their buildings and to plan the necessary measures for energy refurbishment in a prioritized order. Proprietary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Pareto Optimization (Multi-Objective Optimization) and Thermal Simulations are used in the platform’s backend. The founding team combines many years of experience in the fields of architecture and building software with sound IT expertise.

Faster processes and uncomplicated handling

With 35%, the building sector is the area that produces the most CO2 emissions in Europe. In contrast to the solutions available on the market to date, Optimuse’s software is based on just a few data points. This allows asset managers and portfolio owners to identify and implement the necessary measures to decarbonize their building portfolio much more quickly and easily.

Bringing speed to the renovation of the building sector requires solutions that can be implemented quickly while delivering high-quality results. In this field, Optimuse is a frontrunner and we are happy to support such an attractive start-up,” said Ines Kolmsee, Partner at Matterwave Ventures.