Matterwave promotes two team members

Today we are thrilled to announce the promotion of our colleagues Silviu Apostu to Principal and Victor Szabo to Associate. Both have proven instrumental in carrying out our recent investments and making sure that our operations work smoothly and continuously evolve. They are trusted partners to many of our portfolio companies and embody the core values and mindset that Matterwave Ventures is based on: intellectual curiosity, affinity for fundamental technological innovations, and relentless focus on finding the next European deep tech champions and making them successful.

Having joined the team in 2020, Victor focuses on areas such as industrial AI, space tech, med tech, and more. He has strongly supported many of our investments and our work with portfolio companies Tvarit, LiveEO, Soter Analytics, LynxCare, RetinAI, and Cybus. Victor has previous experience in Consulting and Automotive and a Masters degree in Industrial Management from the Technical Universities of Madrid, Milan and Munich.

Silviu joined Matterwave in 2022 and has a focus on technologies around IoT, communication technologies, enterprise software, quantum, future mobility, and more. He works closely with portfolio companies Sensolus, HQS Quantum Simulations, Codasip, and Semalytix. Silviu has gathered previous experience in management consulting, as a co-founder and Chief Product Officer for a digital learning software company, and in the telco sector. He holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich.

The success of any organization is a reflection of the quality of its team. We are proud that all our investment team members – irrespective of their title – work  closely with the companies we back and have a strong involvement in our investments. With talented, driven, and supportive investors like Victor and Silviu, we are confident that Matterwave Ventures has a bright future ahead.

Please join us in congratulating them on their well-earned promotions.