Matterwave co-leads €6.6 million funding round in Firecell

As France, Germany, and European countries commit to the re-industrialization of their territories, numerous challenges remain to be overcome to achieve this goal. Among these, telecommunications play a crucial role in creating sovereign, secure systems that enable the digitalization of industries of all sizes across all territories.

Firecell’s 5G solution offers unprecedented simplicity of installation and use, as well as exceptional stability even in the most challenging industrial environments. By reducing the footprint of 5G technologies to operate on standard servers and through strategic partnerships with renowned manufacturers, Firecell enables industrial enterprises of all sizes to pave the way for a smart industry.

The startup is part of the French Tech 2030 initiative under the category of “Mastering Sovereign and Secure Digital Technologies” and is a winner of the government’s 5G acceleration plan with an initial use case on a Stellantis production line.

Founded in 2021, shortly after the opening of dedicated mobile frequencies for enterprises by regulators in around twenty countries, Firecell already counts 75 clients, including: SNCF, Airbus, Thales, Fives, US Army, the US Department of Energy, ID Logistics, Campus Schwarzwald, and Team Henri Fabre.

In this promising context, Firecell is accelerating its deployment and concludes a €6.6 million seed round in equity led by Matterwave Ventures and Ventech, accompanied by Bpifrance’s Digital Venture fund and Bouygues Telecom Initiative.

Firecell’s Private 5G solution ensures unmatched efficiency in mobile communications, covering warehouses and logistics centers of over 30,000 square meters with less than 5 5G access points. Furthermore, it ensures an unparalleled level of security with native communication encryption and compatibility with all modern industrial terminals.

With its software developed in Nice in collaboration with the Eurecom research laboratory, and hardware equipment partners among the leading French and European companies, Firecell’s offering guarantees transparency and sovereignty.

“We are delighted with the enthusiasm and support we have received for our 5G solution,” said Claude Seyrat, co-founder and chief executive officer of Firecell. “This fundraising will allow us to accelerate our deployment and offer industrial enterprises cutting-edge connectivity to meet their growing communication and data management needs.”

Our colleague Silviu Apostu, Principal at Matterwave Ventures, states: “In order to fulfill the promise of the industrial transformation, companies need secure, reliable, and high-performance wireless connectivity. In a short span of time, Firecell has built a compelling product and convinced demanding customers to deploy it in their production environments. We are convinced that the Firecell team has the experience and ambition to make mobile networks ubiquitous and we are excited to continue supporting them on their mission”

Jean Bourcereau, Managing Partner of Ventech, adds: “In three years, Firecell has demonstrated undeniable technological and product expertise, acclaimed by numerous players in Europe and worldwide. Moreover, Firecell has surrounded itself with a first-rate ecosystem of partners and advisors. We are very pleased to accompany Claude, Olivier, and the entire Firecell team in accelerating their plan! For Ventech, this represents a new investment in the European Deeptech sector following successes such as Artéris IP, Codasip, Microoled”

“Reindustrialization through innovation is one of Bpifrance’s priority objectives. We are delighted to be able to support a company that has developed groundbreaking technology that enables new use cases in factories and warehouses, not accessible with existing technologies,” continues Gwenaël Hamon, Senior Investment Director at Bpifrance Digital Venture.

For Edward Bouygues, President of Bouygues Telecom and the Bouygues Telecom Initiatives fund: “Bouygues Telecom faces the challenge every day of accompanying companies and organizations in their digital transformation. Being able to support projects like Firecell’s, through Bouygues Telecom Initiatives, demonstrates the agility of our teams in forging structuring partnerships for companies. Providing tailored solutions with industrial 5G and enabling companies to gain competitiveness is fundamental for developing Industry 4.0 and territories.”