Matterwave Ventures leads a €2.5 million funding round in Ask for the Moon

We are thrilled to announce our latest investment in the €2.5 million round for Ask for the Moon, a French company revolutionizing industrial Knowledge Management with Artificial Intelligence. The round was led by Matterwave Ventures and UI Investissement, two leading venture capital funds in the industrial deep tech sector.

Ask for the Moon is a pioneer in artificial intelligence applied to the sharing of critical industrial expertise in critical industries such as aeronautics, nuclear energy, defense, and aerospace. This capital injection primarily aims to support the R&D investment required to enhance the reliability, compliance, and sovereignty of Ask for the Moon’s proprietary AI. It will also help accelerate the commercial development, notably in Germany and Scandinavian countries.

The mission of Ask for the Moon is clear: to accelerate the industrial transformation by bringing people closer together through AI, particularly within large organizations with complex structures. Corporate silos fragment knowledge and hinder the transformation of these large groups, at the very moment when the challenges of decarbonization and relocation require general mobilization and alignment. Ask for the Moon identifies and brings together the most relevant colleagues to address a given issue in order to solve it in record time and share the solution across the group. The solution has already proven itself with the biggest players in the industry such as Framatome, Airbus, SNCF, Eiffage, SPIE, and more.

“We are convinced that Ask for the Moon represents the future of knowledge management in the industrial sector,” says our very own Robert Gallenberger, Founding Partner at Matterwave Ventures. “Their unique approach to solving complex problems on a large scale perfectly matches our vision of the challenges Europe’s industry is facing.”