Industrial heat – a massive decarbonisation opportunity

On the race to net zero, industrial heat is seeing a surge in interest. And for good reason: it has the potential to be a key lever for decarbonising vast swaths of the industry.

Our team has done a comprehensive analysis in this space and we have just published our findings in a long-form blog post – you can read it here.

To give you a summary:

  • industrial heat has been overlooked in the mainstream, but amounts to 20% of global carbon emissions
  • Some of the technical solutions that will go a long ways towards decarbonizing industrial heat are well known but have yet to be scaled: electrification (heat pumps and Thermal Energy Storage), non-combustion-based heat generation and the application of alternative fuels paired with substantial efficiency improvements
  • The higher the process temperature requirements, the more individual the approaches to replacing fossil fuels — in the highest temperature range even fundamental processes changes are required

There is much more in the full post and we highly recommend reading it. We hope we could convey how excited we are about the opportunities in this space. If you are building a company in this space, we are all ears!