“Hello, world!” says Matterwave Ventures

Following our rebranding to Matterwave Ventures, we want to shed some light on what we stand for and which direction we will take in the next years.

A quick refresher, or background for those new here: we started together as a team back in 2016, when we formed the dedicated and stand-alone Industrial Technologies team on the btov Partners platform. Prior to that, our founding partners had already been active Deep Tech VC investors for many years and had co-invested together in other roles. Since 2016, we have grown to 13 highly experienced and dedicated team members with a cumulative VC experience of over 60 years and 40+ past and current advisory board positions.

Earlier this year, we decided to continue our investment activity under a new name, Matterwave Ventures. But really, apart from the name, nothing has changed! Our team, our investment strategy, our deep curiosity for technology as well as reporting and fund administration processes remain just as they were (and just the way we like it). We continue to support early-stage European start-ups with strong technological software or hardware differentiation that focus on the industrial value chain. We are backing the future of European industry — because it’s a huge and lucrative investment opportunity and because it’s needed more than ever!

The world around us has changed radically and quickly in the last five years. We have seen markets being redrawn, experienced new ways of working, witnessed impressive resilience of companies and teams. There are imperatives but also new opportunities to re-organize industrial activity. They have compelled us to orient ourselves around what we see as the great opportunities of our time: the two megatrends resource efficiency and industrial digitization.

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