BigRep announces the acquisition of HAGE3D

BigRep announced the acquisition of Austrian-based HAGE3D to further complement its portfolio with high-temperature systems. The acquisition will unlock new opportunities in the industrial 3D printing landscape. Together, the companies will offer a comprehensive portfolio of industrial 3D printers, featuring up to one cubic meter build volume and the capabilities of a wide range of high-performance, engineering-grade thermoplastic materials in low, mid, and high-temperature build chambers.

With more than 1,000 large-scale 3D printers already in operation across various industrial sectors, BigRep is a leader in large-scale fused filament fabrication (FFF). The high quality high temperature-machines from HAGE3D will be upgraded to BigRep’s full solution offering including intuitive software, qualified materials and value adding services and trainings.

We congratulate BigRep on this milestone and look forward to seeing the two companies joining forces.

You can read more details on the BigRep’s website here.